Our Story

The Hardest Part of Our Dialect is to Listen

Through acts of genocide, our languages have been virtually erased from the lands and waters we call Mother Earth. You can see the disconnect of language loss in the lived experiences of boarding school survivors. Our children were and are the binding element linking our dialects to cultural preservation.

Our Dialects Are The True Prophecy

You have to regain your voice to make an impact to build. It is from your seed that other projects will be created to preserve your traditions.

Our Voice

Our voices and nuances give our people a unique ownership over the dialects of this land.

Psychological Factors

We give excuses why we don't speak our languages. Language dissociation was the first initiative of genocide against us.

Currency Translation

Remember countries learned our dialects during the wars, not as welcomed guests, but to invade for their conquest.

Blurred Perception

There should be no boundaries for exploration. We have to challenge the questions of skill-sharing for viability.

Historical Trauma

Brainwashing us to unlearn our languages evokes levels of trauma, an emptiness of heart and a forced silence.

New Codetalkers

Recollect our dialects through creative strategy development dealing with perceptions of linguistics and identity.

Our Prayers , Our Songs,
Our Dialects!

Change needs a voice - speak it in your dialect.