Cultural Preservation

Cultural Linguistics

Civil Rights

We will create an exhibition program that allows visitors to enjoy new forms of storytelling through these long-lasting, impactful conversations.

Winds giving guidance from our ancestors

Change to resist the sensationalism that dominated the media

We react instead of using our grandparents' traditional wisdom to create a new, contemporary cultural aesthetic.

Redefining Our Identity

Our traditions give inspiration to the world to create a place for encounters between ‘people, cultures, and books from around the world’, but what is it doing for our people who see their culture second-hand in integrated displays for cultural objects? We debate after we view our grandparents household items in a museum or in a high end auction sole to a European.

Through spending time socializing in informal public spaces, we make way for the development of sustainable solutions for our existence. We are giving our identity a fighting chance in inter-social contexts.

Representing us should be a welcomed challenge for non-Natives and Natives alike, accompanied with a crash-course of self-identity as a foundation. Imagine learning eight to ten indigenous languages as an ice-breaker. These baby steps encourage an international synergy among communities and cultures instead of allowing history books to tell our stories.

We are visualizing an interactive American Indian art display, complete with traditional and contemporary art forms in various media. Complemented by auditory narrations in indigenous dialects, this is where the voices of our ancestors will guide our future endeavors.

Our Prayers , Our Songs,
Our Dialects!

Change needs a voice - speak it in your dialect.