Most researched

Least Understood

Welcome to the hidden sense of the American Indian experience. Make perceptions, detect your movements, define your emotions, and then search for responses.

Strategy for Change

573 collaborations in the age of technology-takeover fears and data anxieties

By weaving emotional experiences into our core identity, we can create a “heartfelt future” through experiential exhibitions. This is a more intelligent exploration of experiences in ancestral knowledge and houses our new platform of American Indian Ethics Guidelines.

Sensorial Theme

Explore how this approach affects each of us individually, and think about the implications for social interaction throughout history from the beginning. Think about tribes engaging in ideological challenges to build a unified, stronger tribal existence.

Our dialects have survived battles and trade relations between diverse cultures. The foremost source of sensorial inspiration is our adaption of diverse abilities for preservation of our identity.

Our Prayers , Our Songs,
Our Dialects!

Change needs a voice - speak it in your dialect.